Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions about about our services are answered here.

What services do you offer?

Here at Southern Pines we offer Overnight Boarding, Daily Daycare, and Grooming services such as baths, haircuts, and nail trims!

What is Daily Daycare?

Our Daily Daycare is for pet owners who want their pup to enjoy the company of other pets and people while they are away at work for the day! Daily Daycare starts at 7:30am and can go until 6:00pm. We offer both Half Days and Full days.

What is an evaluation day and why is it required?

All new pets that come to Southern Pines, as well as ones we have not seen for an extended period of time, are required to be evaluated. We schedule them Tuesdays through Saturdays, and ask that you drop off between 6:45-9am and pickup between 3:30-6pm. This gives us the majority of the day to get to know your pet, and to screen for any aggression towards my staff or extreme anxiety in a kennel setting. Safety for your pets and my staff is of utmost importance, and this step ensures we are the best fit for their boarding needs. If they pass, the evaluation is complimentary.  

Why is it encouraged to bring my pets food?
While it is not required to bring your own, we do always highly suggest that you bring your own pets food for digestive purposes. Switching your pets food quickly (overnight) can cause a tummy upset which is rough on your pet. This can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other medical problems. Bringing your pets food is the best choice. 
What vaccines are required?

 All pets are required to have their Rabies, Bortadella and Distemper Vaccines. Starting in 2022, we will require the Canine Influenza Vaccine, too. You either need to have their booster updated prior to 2/28/2022, or they need to receive the first of the two initial shots prior to that date and get the second in the recommended time frame.  

Do you take puppies?

We happily take puppies over the age of 15 weeks (3 and a half months) as long as they are up to date on all required vaccines. We also require that after they get fixed that they wait the full 14 days before coming back to board or to our daycare. We love having puppies in to get them socialized and used to new surroundings!

Why should I bring my dog in the morning?

It is our goal to have a safe, stress free environment for every dog who stays with us. We highly suggest bringing your pet in the morning hours to make the transition smoother for all pets involved. The later into your home routine your pet is, the harder it will be for them to adjust to our environment for the day. The pups all have to greet and adjust to new dogs coming in, and the later in the day we have guests arrive (Even the sweetest of dogs) there can be an upset in the group as everyone begins adjusting to the newest guest.

What happens if my pet needs to see a Vet?

We spend a large portion of the day with your pet, so we really get to see and understand how your dog interacts and behaves. Because of this, we are able to quickly notice changes in your pets behavior. If they seem “off” or don’t feel well action is taken as quickly as we can. We have security cameras to help watch the pups as well. Should your pet need to see a vet, we will get them there no matter what time. Day or night. Should your pet become injured caused by themselves, or another pet, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure that your pet is cared for. We use SANDHILLS VETERINARY CLINIC during open hours, and TWO NOTCH ROAD EMERGENCY CLINIC after hours. The first thing we will do when we notice an injury or illness is contact you or your emergency contact and see how you would like us to proceed. We then will contact the veterinarian if you wish us to. Should we be unable to contact you or your emergency contact we will care for the pet as our own and get them the care they need. We use our vets as we know their level of care is up to our standards and they know just how important each and every pet in our care is. We work closely with them on all accounts. You are solely responsible for any and all veterinary care received by your pet during or after their stay.