We offer Standard and Deluxe boarding prices along with boarding extras.

Each price is a per day price. Discounts can be found at the bottom of the page. 
Boarding prices are a per day charge. We charge full price the day of drop off.
To ensure you are getting the most for your pet it is best to drop them off between 7am – 8am.
Pick up times are during all business hours. 

Standard Boarding*

$26 for dogs under 30lbs
$28 dogs 30-60lbs
$30 dogs 61-90lbs
$33 dogs 91lbs & Up

Deluxe Boarding*

$38 dogs under 30lbs
$40 dogs 30-60lbs
$42 dogs 61-90lbs
$45 dogs 91 & Up

Cats are also welcome to stay with us! We give one on one love to the cats in our care, feed as close to your home schedule as possible, and clean litter boxes twice daily. Daily fee – $21*

*Price does not include extras such as bathing, training, medication etc.

Standard vs Deluxe


Our Standard boarding prices include going outside at least 4-6 times per day for at least 20 minutes at a time, feeding to your pets specifications, administering medication if needed, a nice & clean bedded down kennel with a cot for our older guests, fresh water 24/7, a mid morning treat, and all the love we can give.


Our Deluxe boarding prices include all of the above, plus Daycare which allows your pet up to 6 hours of play time spread through out the day, a Kong treat that they can enjoy in their upgraded kennel run.


Daily Pup-Dates sent directly to your phone or email when requested by client, and when they are tucked in for the night they get a special bedtime Whimzee chew.


Daycare includes up to 6 hours of playtime for your pup, fresh water 24/7, a 2 to 3 hour nap time, and snacks! A day of daycare is as close to this as we can make it!:
Check in by 8am for the most play time. Group play is from 7:30am until 10am, which includes ball chasing, wrestling, romping, running, tag and lots of drool. Nap time is from 11am to 2:30pm, and then back out to play after their 2:30 potty break. Group play until pick up or 6pm!

Full Day 
$20 per day
$180 – 10 Day Package (includes one free day, and expires 45 days after purchase)
$340 – 20 Day Package (includes three free days, and expires 60 days after purchase)

Half Day 
$15 per day

No Sunday Daycare
Pick up by 10am for 1/2 day
Pick up after 10am is a full day

Boarding extras!

Southern Pines Pet Lodge offers what we like to call “Sleepover Goodies” That can be added to any Standard or Deluxe Boarding Reservation. Options and prices are as follows

    • Sheepskin Beds – Two sizes $2.50 to $3.50 per night.
    • Private Ball Toss – $5 for 10 minutes. (20 minutes during cooler Months)
    • Bedtime Whimzees – $3 per treat (Included in Deluxe Boarding at discounted rate)
    • Daily Pup-date – $4 per update (included in Deluxe Boarding for FREE upon request)
    • Naptime Kong – $3 OR FREE for ALL Daycare Attendees & Deluxe boarders. Below are our 4 Yum-tastic flavors!

Peanut Pearadice A yummy mix of Apples, Pears, and peanut butter topped off with puppy Snap Crumbles!
Pupkin Spice A nice mash of pure pumpkin, and white rice mixed together, topped off with all natural oats!
Veggie Puptatoe Soup Carrots, Peas, and sweet potatoes mixed with gluten free, low sodium beef or chicken broth.
Blueberry Tails Plain Yogurt thoroughly mixed with Blueberries, apple sauce, honey and oatmeal.


Military and First Responders 10% with ID
14 Boarding days or more $2 discount per day (Requires 50% deposit)
*Cannot be applied to packages or other discounts/specials*

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